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TICKS PLUS is a proprietary blend of  natural homeopathic remedies, formulated to repel Ticks, Mosquitos, Flies and Sand Flies from Horses while supporting a healthy immune response to the ill effects of insect bites.

Each food-grade 70ml Aluminium bottle with serum pump lid contains 180 doses (2 pumps per dose). You can also buy in 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre jerry cans to dose the whole herd via the water trough or on feed.  

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or select Jerry Cans on the home page.  Each litre provides 3 months treatment based on the regime below.

This remedy is suitable for all life stages including in-foal mares and is competition safe and racing safe.

**TESTIMONIAL** “I turned to your Ticks Plus as a natural alternative as I felt I was overdosing my horses in pour on chemicals that were not working. One of my horses in particular gets covered in ticks and they make him itchy and he gets welts and bald patches. I have been using Ticks Plus for over a year now and I don't use any other chemical product and my horses are all tick free. I can't fault it. I adore your product." Carla Marchant, Boambee, NSW, Australia

**TESTIMONIAL** “I just wanted to say I’ve not found a single tick on my horse who gets covered in them since starting him on your tick remedy last weekend. Thanks heaps!”  Jenn Maher, Auckland, New Zealand

**TESTIMONIAL** "This is the best natural tick repellent I have come across and I'm sure I've tried them all. I started with one of your small jerry cans and it's so good we are now using your 5 litre ones to do all the troughs. The pump that comes with it makes it real quick.  Also the flies which are always bad down here are definitely not pestering the horses as much" Brenda W, East Cape, New Zealand

**TESTIMONIAL** "At Nelson Bays horse rescue we use ticks plus and it works awesomely. We were pulling heaps off every day and have horses that can't be handled yet and there are no more ticks! Love it!!!" - Felicity Shus, Nelson, New Zealand

**TESTIMONIAL** "Managing ticks on several herds was a nightmare and very time consuming until I got put onto Hippo’s Ticks Plus. I put it into all the troughs and it works quickly and safely – a priority for our broodmares. I always favour natural products but they have to do the job and this is one that I will keep on using and recommend."  - Kirsten Evans, Whangarei, New Zealand

Australian customers please note - Ticks Plus does not protect from diseases carried by ticks. Please follow veterinary advice in this regard.

HOW TO USE - 70ml Aluminium bottle

Dosage:  2 pumps into the mouth or put into the feed or water or on a treat or 5 pumps into a water bucket, repeat daily during months when Ticks and/or Mosquitos are a nuisance. 

The remedy can be given as a long-term daily dose

HOW TO USE - Jerry Cans (1L, 2L or 5L)

A dose is measured using either the cap from the Jerry Can  (25ml) or the dosing pump (25ml). The pump is supplied free with all 5 litre products and can be purchased separately for other jerry can. sizes.

Dose - 1, 2 or 5 litre Jerry Cans
Tip 1 capful (or 1 pump) into the trough each day for at least the first month. Then you can reduce to every second day to maintain. OR tip 1/2 capful  (or 1/2 pump) on to feed, twice daily.


The Ticks Plus one gets best results when used twice daily at the start and then most people find they can ease off a bit once the horse has been on it a while.  Yes, TIcks Plus is great for livestock: cattle including calves, goats, sheep, just add it to the water trough.  It is a good repellent for all Ticks but the formulation does not protect against diseases carried by Ticks, incl paralysis Ticks.  For people to repel little flies, midges and mosquitos: The guys take a couple of pumps into their mouths when they arrive for training but ideally they'd do it half an hour beforehand. Personally I smear it on my ankles for mosquitos. it seems to work either way.  It doesn't kill them, just deters them from biting and stops the mad itch.

Contains non-toxic homeopathic ingredients including:  Nosodes, Culex, Dulcamara, Hypericum, Ledum, Pulex, Sulphur

Base: Vegetable glycerine/Purified water


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Testimonial Disclaimer: Testimonials are feedback we have received from customers about their personal experiences. They are in no way indicative of us recommending these products to you for these reasons. Always read the label and take as directed.

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