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Sweet Itch Plus - Natural Remedy for Sweet Itch / Queensland Itch
Sweet Itch Plus - Natural Remedy for Sweet Itch / Queensland Itch / Summer Itch

Sweet Itch Plus is a natural solution for horses troubled by the itch and irritation caused by the bites of the Culicoides Midge.
Also known as Queensland Itch or Summer Itch. Signs and symptoms are itching in the manes, tails and rump area, sometimes leading to changes in the skin from the horses rubbing themselves.
Sweet Itch Plus is natural, non-toxic, competition safe and is formulated by professionals.

You can buy in 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre jerry cans to dose the whole herd via the trough or on feed

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or select Jerry Cans on the home page.  Each litre provides 3 months treatment based on the regime below.

Dosage Instructions:  Pour 1 capful into the water trough daily for the first week, then dose every 3 days, or if it is not practical to dose the water trough you can dose daily on feed or a treat, (half a capful per dose, 2 doses, about half an hour apart).
You can expect to see the remedy working within the first week, usually after day 3. Further improvement continues over the coming weeks as the formulation supports the normal functioning of the immune system.

Specific Dosing Advice: Yes, works for dogs too. Just add about a teaspoon to their water bowl.  Any good for humans: We all use it :) Tip a bit in your hand and slap it on your skin - or have a wee taste when you dose the stock. It is food grade ingredients.


Contains non-toxic homeopathic ingredients: Ledum, Sulphur, Psorinum, Culicoides nosode, Culex

Base:  Vegetable glycerine/Purified water


Competition Safe
Racing Safe
Safe for Mares in Foal
Pleasantly sweet tasting

*TESTIMONIAL*This product is excellent and we could see the itching had died down after a few days. My horses are looking good now. I’ll be ordering more for sure.’ Dave Kennedy, Australia

*TESTIMONIAL*My mare had awful, messy skin from rubbing herself on posts. We couldn’t get on top of it because she’d not leave it alone long enough to heal. Your stuff (Sweet Itch Plus) worked a treat, put it in her water and she’s hardly itching now. Thanks.’ Kirsty Stewart

Sweet Itch is for the Culicoides Midge.   Please buy TIcks Plus for ticks, mosquitos, files, and sand flies.

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