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Mud & Rain - Scratches/ Mud Fever/ Greasy Heel Charlotte Annand After Photo

Hippo Health's ground breaking Scratches / Greasy Heel / Mud Fever & Rain Scald formulation heals from the inside out. No need to touch the legs, scrape off scabs or apply bandages and creams. Simply dose twice daily on a treat (horses love the sweet taste) and wait while the remedy does its work. Once healing is complete, the scabs fall off by themselves to reveal clear, healthy skin underneath. Once healed, you only need to dose at weekends to maintain.

How does it work? Our formulation supports the natural immune response of the horse (or livestock) to conditions caused by Dermatophilus congolensis bacteria i.e. scratches / mud fever / greasy heel / mud rash and rain scald / rain rot. By building up the immune system, you not only overcome the condition but you are left with a horse that has no ill effects from the treatment.

Each food-grade 70ml Aluminium bottle with serum pump lid contains 180 doses (2 pumps per dose). You can also buy in 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre jerry cans to dose the whole herd via the water trough or on feed.  

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or select Jerry Cans on the home page.  Each litre provides 3 months treatment based on the regime below.

Can this remedy be used on the track, for eventers and for dairy herds? This remedy is competition safe, untestable, has no withholding period and is suitable for all life stages including in-foal mares.

Claire Connachan, Scotland, UK: 
"You’ve got to see it to believe it, bought this product and even though it had excellent reviews I’ll admit to being a little cynical. Anyway, I’ve been treating my mare for 2 weeks now and the scabs are just falling off revealing pink new skin underneath. I am utterly amazed at how good it is and so glad I tried it. Buy won’t be disappointed."

Maxine Halliday, Scotland, UK: 
“Two pumps of hippo health for my pony for the last 10 days, mud rash scabs are just falling off with normal skin underneath . Happily surprised . Fab product!”

Equestrian Broni Beerling from NSW, Australia: 

Broni K Beerling fabulous - greasy heel product ! Our boy is finally on the mend. Kath we even had our vet out trying to get rid of it - dermapred, antibiotics, cortisone - only worked for 2 weeks and straight back again - this seems to have worked - been giving it for 1 week and just about clear. We wash it with triocil and use filta bac daily but alone that was not working - just about gone now :) Show more reactions September 12 at 4:41pm

Madeleine Green, NSW, Australia
. "I just wanted to say that this product [Mud & Rain - 1 Litre] is amazing!! I have never used something that works so quickly, with no creams or ointments applied. I just put my boy (with 4 white sensitive socks) on a capful in his feed and didn't touch the greasy heel at all and it just went away. I used to wash, dry, put zinc, makunka honey, anti inflammatories, Sulphur even hydrogen peroxide on it, wrap it etc. and it wouldn't budge. Puts my mind at ease when we have comps every second week, that its not going to flare up ! My retired mare used to get it horribly and still does sometimes so I'll be sure to use it on her too."

Serena Middleton
: "After fighting a losing battle with greasy heel for six months, I tried Hippo Health's "Mud and Rain." I am absolutely amazed with the results! In just two weeks, scabs have all dropped off and hair has grown back. I can't believe it! Hopefully I won't need to buy another tub of zinc cream ever again!"

Lesley Martin, Marrick Stallions, New Zealand: "I bought this HIPPO mud fever remedy online as Beau had a patch on his hind pastern. As you'd know, its quite sore removing scabs or rubbing in lotions so i thought i'd try this product. Just 2 doses twice a day which i put on a piece of carrot, he loved it. Very impressed with the results as I didn't touch his foot for the 7 day course of the drops and mud fever has literally disappeared. Well worth a try!

Annette Heath, New Zealand:  
"I would just like say how amazing the Hippo Health Mud and Rain remedy is. After years of vet bills, lame horse, swollen legs (yes 3 white legs), unable to compete, hours of washing with specialty products which cost a fortune and painfully taking scabs off I decided what have I got to lose with trying this product. Well in 7 days the smaller scabs just wiped off effortlessly and the biggest scab rubbed off with no pain. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING. My next order will the bigger container and it will always have a place in my tack room."

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Contains non-toxic homeopathic ingredients: Graphites, Natrum muriaticum, Petrolatum - note this is in non-toxic homeopathic form, Phytolacca, Staphisagria, Sulphur

Base: Vegetable glycerine and Purified water


HOW TO USE - 70ml Pump Bottle

How do I give my horse a dose?
Hippo 70ml remedies have a small pump for hygienic, simple and accurate dosing.

You can pump the drops straight into your horse's mouth (they will like the taste) or you can pump the drops on to a treat such as a piece of carrot.

How often should I dose my horse?

2 pumps into the mouth, or on a treat twice a day until healed. OR tip 1/2 capful (or 1/2 pump) on to feed twice daily.  Then just at weekends to maintain. Horses love the taste.

HOW TO USE - Jerry Cans for Trough Dosing

Hippo Jerry cans come in 1, 2 and 5 litre sizes. A dose is measured using either the cap from the Jerry Can or the dosing pump (supplied free with all 5 litre products).
Pour 1 capful (or 1 pump) into the water trough daily until healed. Then just dose 1 day a week as a maintenance regime.

Is it safe to give this remedy long term?

Yes, this remedy can be continued long term. However reducing the frequency of dose when there are no symptoms present ensures the horse/livestock avoid desensitising to the remedy.


Mud and Rain: Would this work for rain scald along the top line & over the rump areas? Yes it does, even on bad cases. Yes it does help the itch. Active manuka honey, which is an amazing healer usually costs more (per horse) than our Mud and Rain and it also has to be applied on the legs. A big advantage of our product is that it is given orally on a treat or in the trough, it couldn't be easier, no need to scrape, scrub or apply creams. You need to leave the scabs alone and let the healing happen on its own. If you need help with heavy/nasty and moist scabbing then use Mud and Rain. If it is a severe case then twice daily dosing will be needed. You can give the 2 doses half an hour apart if you only visit the grazing once a day, once when you catch them and once when you turn them out. Healing time varies from 5-7 days for mild cases, 3 weeks for severe cases.

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Karina Moore before and after photos

Mud & Rain bottle

Mud & Rain jerry can

Charlotte Annand before photo

Charlotte Annand after photo

Samarra Wright before photo

Samarra Wright after photo

Beka Griffiths before and after photos

Karina Moore, Rotorua, New Zealand: My mare had the worst case of mud fever this year and after trying just about everyone's guaranteed remedy it was only getting worse. Fiona from HIPPO HEALTH made a tonic for my mare and using that in her water along with mud and rain I can now ride my horse again and her legs are free of mud fever.

Charlotte Annand, NSW, Australia"I just used the mud and rain twice a day nothing else and after 1.5 weeks I noticed a huge difference and the photo gap is about 4 weeks at the max considering how bad it was I think it's brilliant!"

Samarra Wright, Hokitika, New Zealand: ""We battled mud fever for 4 months. Got Hippo's Mud and Rain and going, going, gone!"

Beka Griffiths, Swannanoa, New Zealand: "Anyway... this is my mares leg. 

Photo 1 is Oct 13th when I discovered her small patch of mudfever had spread over her leg. 

Photo 2 is 20th Oct after I’d given a topical product a go for a week with no luck and decided to clip off the hair to see just how bad it all was and remove the scabs... I almost cried (as did she!)

Photo 3 is 27th Oct after being on Hippo Health Mud and Rain for exactly 1 week... redness drastically reduced and all swelling gone!

Photo 4 is tonight 29th Oct... only another 2 days later!! A massive difference in only 2 days! The hair is starting to grow back and she’s back to being a typical chestnut mare hoofing it round her paddock like a mad man! 

Thank you so much for your amazing products! I’ll be purchasing the SOL one next as we have 4 pink noses here!!

Exactly 1 week on the twice a day “treatment dose” of 'Hippo Health's Mud and Rain' and the rain scald is GONE and the hair growing back in incredibly fast! Haven’t applied anything directly on the rain scald itself."


Nicola Leske, New Zealand: "I ordered this last week, by day 4 i noticed a huge difference with the scabs coming away easily when I washed them and legs not so sore anymore as I can touch the areas without nearly being kicked, I wish I had taken a before photo now as the difference is amazing so far!" 

Serena Fuller, New Zealand:
 "I love your mud and rain product! It's taken 3 weeks for the worst bits but I can gladly say my horses scabs are just coming away to reveal healed skin underneath! Even in a very wet and muddy paddock. I'm over the moon and so is my horse because she hates the usual treatment of picking and washing but she loves to eat - couldn't be easier! Recommending to all my horsey friends who are battling mud fever too. Thank you so much for this awesome remedy!!"

Trish W, Manukau, New Zealand:  "We had endless months getting the vet out to treat our Clydie who had the worst mud fever I've seen. Nothing we tried seemed to budge it. Fiona Lane recommended Mud & Rain and to our delight it worked within the week and kept him clean the rest of the season. It is the best mud fever treatment we've used."

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