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HIPPO Health Generic Jerry Can

A natural, safe and economical remedy to bring out the best in your horse’s mane and tail. The remedies in this oral formulation have long been used by those on the show circuit to support the uptake of vitamins and minerals, leading to hair with a healthy gloss and sheen.

This remedy is suitable for all life stages including in-foal mares and is competition safe

Each food-grade 70ml Aluminium bottle with serum pump lid contains 180 doses (2 pumps per dose). You can also buy in 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre jerry cans to dose the whole herd via the water trough or on feed.  

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or select Jerry Cans menu on the home page.  Each litre provides 3 months treatment based on the regime below.

Of course, any obvious cause for damage to the hair such as parasites or fungal infections must be addressed too. See links below to these related products: Ticks Plus,  Mud & Rain,  Liver Plus, Grass Allergy, Pine & Pollen


Contains non-toxic homeopathic ingredients: Alfalfa, Bryonia albas, Calc-phos, Silica, Symphytum, Zinc metalicum

Base: Vegetable glycerine and Purified water.



How do I give my horse a dose?

Our 70ml Aluminium remedies have a small pump for hygienic, simple and accurate dosing. You can pump the drops straight into your horse’s mouth (they will like the taste) or you can pump the drops on to a treat such as a piece of carrot. 

For Jerry Can remedies; a dose is measured using either the cap from the Jerry Can or the dosing pump (supplied free with all 5 litre products).

How often should I dose my horse?

Dose-  70ml Aluminium bottles: 2 pumps into the mouth, twice a day for 7 days. Then 2 pumps once a day for a further 3 weeks. 

Dose - 1, 2 or 5 litre Jerry Cans
Tip 1 capful (or 1 pump) into the trough each day for the first 4 days. Then repeat twice weekly to maintain. OR tip 1/2 capful  (or 1/2 pump) on to feed daily.

NOTE: A horse’s hair growth cycle is 3 weeks so begin using the product 4 weeks before a big show to allow time for the product to work

Is it safe to give this remedy long term?
Yes, this remedy can be continued long term.

Caution: Manes & Tails is a professionally blended preparation of homeopathic remedies designed specifically to support the growth of normal healthy hair. A significant deterioration in a horse’s hair quality may indicate an underlying health problem. Hippo products do not replace veterinary care. If you are concerned about your horse’s health, please consult your veterinarian.

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