FIREWORKS ANGEL - 1 Litre Jerry Can

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Fireworks Angel for Horses by Hippo Health
FIREWORKS  ANGEL - 1 Litre Jerry Can

Fireworks Angel - taking care of your horses when you can't be there, is a trough treatment for horses, professionally formulated to reduce fear and sensitivity to loud bangs, flashes of light and sudden noises of fireworks. 
Dose the water trough with 1 capful of Fireworks Angel each day during fireworks season.  Each time your horse drinks from the treated trough, they receive a dose of the remedy and are self medicated during the night when you can't be with them.
Fireworks Angel is 100% natural, the actives are homeopathic in a vegetable glycerine and purfied water base. It is competition and racing safe and can be used safely by mares in foal.
Fireworks Angel is an economical and safe way to provide support to horses and livestock during the terrifying night time fireworks displays. 

You can buy in 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre jerry cans to dose the whole herd via the trough or on feed

We used Fireworks Angel on our two horses over Guy Fawkes and it was wonderful, we have also used it successfully when there has been loud gunshots and thunderstorms." Gary and Raewyn Madden, NZ

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or select Jerry Cans on the home page.  Each litre provides 3 months treatment based on the regime below.

Dosage: 1 capful into the water trough each day during fireworks season. 


Contains non-toxic homeopathic ingredients: Therid, Rhodo, Bor, Bell, Mim, Arg-n, Aspid

Base:  Vegetable glycerine/Purified water


100% Natural and Non-toxic
Competition Safe
Racing Safe
Safe for all life stages, including mares in foal
Trough treatment

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