Conditioning Tonic - 1 Litre Jerry Can

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Conditioning Tonic - 1 Litre Jerry Can
Conditioning Tonic for great coats
Conditioning Tonic for a Show ready coat!
Before and After one month on our Conditioning Tonic

Boost Condition with Hippo Health's safe and natural Conditioning Tonic.
Horses, livestock, pets, in fact any mammals will benefit from our conditioning tonic which targets the assimilation of vitamins and minerals from the diet and also supports normal musculo-skeletal development in runts.
Particularly suited to helping boost animals that are poorly nourished or refusing to eat, this formulation can also be used simply to promote natural sheen and lustre to a coat.

Each food-grade 70ml Aluminium bottle with serum pump lid contains 180 doses (2 pumps per dose). You can also buy in 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre jerry cans to dose the whole herd via the water trough or on feed.  

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or select Jerry Cans menu on the home page.  Each litre provides 3 months treatment based on the regime below.

TESTIMONIAL - An Equine Rescue
"What a difference a month can make! This mare was in terrible condition when I picked her up and having also suffered a life of abuse she's very untrusting of humans. I messaged Fiona at Hippo Health to ask if she had anything in her arsenal that could help add condition to a horse that would not stand still won't touch hard feed. Fiona sent me a bottle of her Conditioning Tonic to add to the mare's drinking water. Here are the before and after photos 30 days apart. She was wormed on arrival and has been on grass only.
Her coat has changed colour, all the long dry wispy hair she had has been replaced by soft shiny hair and her condition has improved hugely. Thank you very much for your fabulous products Fiona and the team at Hippo Health."  
Karina Moore, Te Wairoa, NZ

TESTIMONIAL - Glossy Coat thanks to our Conditioning Tonic
"Look at the shine on my boy :-) We have been using Hippo Health Conditioning Tonic in the water for 4 weeks." Charlotte Mogg and her gorgeous Tom Hanks!  Photos of Tom Hanks are on this page (He's the handsome bay).

TESTIMONIAL - Before and After photos of Rescue Horse
"Rescued horse after 1 month on Hippo Health's Conditioning Tonic", Karina Moore, BOP, NZ   (See photos of the grey mare).

TESTIMONIAL - Fading Kitten Revived
"I foster kittens who have been rescued and we had one little girl kitten who was too weak to even try to take food. She was fading before our eyes until my sister brought over some of Hippo's conditioning drops. By the next day she was taking milk well and we knew she had turned a corner. She is still on the drops as we want to make sure her bones develop well after her tough start in life." Louise S ,Auckland 

TESTIMONIAL - Poor Do-er Calf
"Our kids were refusing to give up on a very poorly calf - it was down on its hocks, had chronic respiratory infections and was a scruffy poor do-er. Fiona and one of her team were here on another matter but suggested we give the sickly calf the conditioning tonic we use to fatten up bobby calves. I am not exagerating when i say this calf was transformed and didn't look back. It was walking normally within the month. The only thing we can put it down to is the tonic."  Mike Williams, Waikato


Contains non-toxic homeopathic ingredients: Alf, Calc-phos, Gels, Ignatia, Silica

Base:  Vegetable glycerine/Purified water


70ml Bottles: 4 pumps into the water bowl daily.  For kittens/puppies under 1 kg, just one pump orally, twice daily.

Dosage - 1, 2 or 5 litre Jerry Cans
Tip 1 capful (or 1 pump) into the water trough each day for the first 4 days as a loading dose. Then repeat twice weekly to maintain. OR tip 1/2 capful (or 1/2 pump) on to feed daily.

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