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BioPets Grasses has helped hundreds of dogs who suffer from itchy rashes and inflammation when they come in contact with certain grasses.
BioPet Grasses can be added to the water bowl daily without risk of toxicity or side effects. It can also be given on a treat or dosed directly into the mouth. Dogs love the naturally sweet taste!

Formulated to desensitise dogs to grasses including Wandering Jew, Kikuyu, Timothy and Rye, we also include a remedy made from a Mexican shrub that acts like a natural anti-histamine.

Like all our products, BioPet Grasses is 100% natural and proudly made in New Zealand.

Non-toxic herbal and homeopathic ingredients. Herbal Chamomile, Nettle, Kawakawa. Homeopathic Galphamia, Mixed Grass Pollen antigen, Wandering Jew antigen 
Base: Vegetable glycerine/Purified water.  Alcohol Free.

3 pumps orally, 2-3 times a day, or 5 pumps into the water dish daily. 

TESTIMONIAL “I can’t believe after all the years of pred and skin creams that Biopet’s Grass drops have stopped him reacting to the kikuyu. We put the stuff in his water dish and take him up the farm and he’s good as gold. We wish we had known about this years ago.” Karen Sutherland, Rodney.

TESTIMONIAL "Hi! My name is Trish and we have a 6 year old yellow Labrador, Thomas – who, until we heard of BioPet we were going to have put to sleep because of his skin problem.  

The problem started about 18 months ago when we noticed that he was beginning to shed very badly along his abdomen and took him along to our vet. They did not know what could be causing it but put him on a course of antibiotics. This did nothing and he was then put on a course of steroids. They had the awful side effect of Thomas needing to drink huge amounts of water and then being unable to make it through the night without relieving himself inside the house, so we were forced to sleep him outside in his kennel. 

In the meanwhile we were trying to find out what his problem could be. It was suggested that he have allergy tests but we were also told that they may not even pick up the problem. By this time we had spent literally hundreds of dollars at the vet and at our local pet store buying all sorts of shampoos, etc. Nothing was working and we had decided that we would have to have Thomas put to sleep as he was obviously utterly miserable, and he smelled awful.

By chance I was at the pet store - again! - and after casual conversation an assistant got me on to BioPet Grasses. It worked to the extent that Thomas' hair started to grow back and he wasn't scratching all of the time, nor did he smell any longer. We kept going with the drops and now the hair on his back is beautiful and the rest is growing back too. He’s a lunatic again and his favourite activity is to roll on the ground with his legs in the air – and not because he’s itchy, but just for fun. Thank you!
Sincere thanks, Trish, Thomas and family, Bay of Plenty"

TESTIMONIAL  "My dogs used bIopet grasses and its worked an absolute treat." Debbie Halsey, Auckland
TESTIMONIAL ""I have tried the 'grasses' one for my allergy dog and it's marvellous." J.Gussey
TESTIMONIAL “Jill the black lab with the hairless belly wants to show you how good she looks now! The itching has stopped really quickly (BioPet Grasses) and her hair has now grown back. Thanks!” Diane S, Rodney. 

NZ$48.00 NZ$37.00
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