We Are Putting Our Prices Up

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On the 15th January 2018 we are putting our prices up to NZ$48 for Hippo 70ml bottles and for BioPet bottles. Our jerry cans will be priced at NZ$75 for 1 litre, NZ$125 for 2 litre and NZ$260 for 5 litre jerry cans. New prescriptions will be priced at NZ$60. Our shipping prices will be changed to reflect the true cost of shipping to your destination.  You can order anytime between now and 1am on the 15th January at our current prices. 

Why are we putting our prices up?

We were working for free.
There has been such an enthusiastic adoption of Hippo by the equestrian community and sales have been strong but our pricing model was ‘up the creek’ and without adjusting it to a more realistic price structure we would be working for free. 
We hope that our customers will back us through this adjustment and continue to include Hippo as part of their arsenal for achieving optimal health, painlessly and affordably.

To the Future

We have exciting plans afoot at Hippo HQ; new formulations, new team members and new territories. Yes this Hippo has sprouted wings and will be shipping products to the UK and USA from early 2018 but regardless of what adventures come our way, our priority will always be the customers who were there at the beginning and took a leap of faith trying our unique products. We are glad we could assist and impress so many of you.

Hippo Health’s Mission Statement

Hippo Health is about providing exceptionally good products, with professional customer service at fair prices.
Our research team is passionate about finding natural solutions to everyday health issues facing animals and people.
We stand behind our products and provide a money back guarantee to our customers.

Sincere thanks, 
Fiona Lane
Director, Head of Research

Testimonial Disclaimer: Testimonials are feedback we have received from customers about their personal experiences. They are in no way indicative of us recommending these products to you for these reasons. Always read the label and take as directed.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: HIPPO Natural Health, BioPet and Goodings Laboratory Limited remedies contain homeopathic and/or herbal ingredients designed to support the immune system’s natural response to named health complaints. Our products and consulting advice are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with your, or your animals’ health care professional, nor are we claiming to treat serious health conditions. Always read the label and take as directed, if you are unsure please contact us. If symptoms persist, contact your healthcare professional. Click here  for full Terms and Conditions.

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