Dosing FAQ

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Why do Homeopathic Remedies have a different dosing method to Herbal Remedies?

  • Homeopathic remedies have effect when they come into contact with a mucous membrane such as the tongue and lips. The remedy is registered almost immediately by the body.
  • So long as the remedy comes into contact with a mucous membrane, the actual size/volume of the dose has little importance.
  • To increase the rate of action from a homeopathic remedy, you repeat the dose more frequently, for example going from 1 dose a day, to 2 or 3 doses a day.
  • Some remedies are suitable for going into a water trough. This means that every time a horse or other animal takes a drink, their mouth is in contact with the remedy (medicated trough water) and they receive a dose. 

Recommended Dosage Volumes for Hippo and BioPet bottles:

Each 70ml bottle holds at least 180 pumps which is enough to dose twice daily for a minimum of 45 days.. 

Our 70ml Aluminium bottle remedies have a small pump for hygienic, simple and accurate dosing.
One dose is 2 pumps of the bottle.
The most common dosing regime is twice daily and the dose can be given directly into the mouth or on a treat such as a piece of fruit or bread. If it is difficult to administer the 2 doses morning and night/afternoon, then the 2 doses can be given half an hour apart. Once improvement has been noted, you can reduce the frequency of doses.
Because this is a homeopathic formulation, it is the repetition of the dose that builds an effect, rather than the volume of a single dose. Homeopathic remedies are not tabulated to body weight. 

Recommended Dosage Volumes for Hippo Jerry Cans

A dose is measured as either 1 capful or 1 pumpful.
A dispensing pump is supplied free with all 5L jerry cans but can also be purchased on our website if you prefer using a pump dispenser on your 1 or 2L jerry cans.

Dosing Regime: Tip 1 capful (or 1 pump) of remedy into the water trough daily for the first 4 doses as a loading dose.  Then reduce frequency to 1 capful (or 1 pump) every 3 days. 
Note: where daytime temperatures reach above 30 degrees Celsius you may need to dose the water trough every 2 days as the remedy may deteriorate more quickly in the high temperatures.

What size jerry can should i buy?
Each litre of remedy provides enough to dose one trough (up to 500 litres) for 3 months, based on standard dosing regimes.

Benefits of Dosing a water trough:
Dosing a water trough is a very easy and economical to treat a single horse, or the whole herd.
Once the trough is dosed, your horse/herd will receive a dose each time they drink from it.
Our remedies are non-toxic and will not harm other animals who drink from the trough. There is also no risk of overdosing if you have to estimate water volumes.

Dosing as a preventative or as a maintenance dose
To use our remedies as a preventative or as a maintenance dose, we recommend dosing once a week, or twice a month if the risk of symptoms occuring is low. This will avoid the risk of becoming desensitised to the remedy.

Our trough is huge. Will 1 capful be sufficient?
Our remedies are field tested in 500L water troughs and 1 capful is sufficient for this volume. If you have a 1000L trough you should dose with 2 capfuls /pumps.

Won't the remedy be too dilute in a big trough?
The unusual thing about using a homeopathic product is that unlike herbal extracts where you have to be precise with dilution ratios, homeopathic remedies disperse through the water via the hydrogen molecules and medicate all the water within at least a cubic meter, yet this transference does not affect the potency, the treated trough water remains at the same strength as the original remedy that was added to it. Farmers love Hippo remedies because it is such a cheap and easy way to dose a herd. You also do not need to empty and refill the bath between doses to get rid of any homeopathic residue as the sunlight destroys homeopathics after 3 days.

Can i dose a trough with more than one Hippo remedy at a time?
Yes it's fine to combine our remedies in a trough. A common scenario is someone dosing their troughs with Ticks Plus, Sweet Itch Plus and Sol Plus right through summer with each remedy doing its job.

If you have a jerry can but wish to dose directly into the mouth then 5mls is sufficient. (1 teaspoonful). You can syringe it in but remember that the objective is to have the remedy contact the mucous membranes so onto the gums or tongue is perfect. Most horses love the taste and will happily lick it off the bottle or a spoon like the video clip on our Hippo Facebook page.

Is it fine to dose the remedy onto feed instead of the water trough? Yes you can pour half a capful of remedy on top of the feed but don't mix it in.  

Can i put a Zinc Block into a trough i am using to dose my horses?
We have found that putting a zinc block into a medicated trough can inhibit the effectiveness of a remedy.

Testimonial Disclaimer: Testimonials are feedback we have received from customers about their personal experiences. They are in no way indicative of us recommending these products to you for these reasons. Always read the label and take as directed.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER: HIPPO Natural Health, BioPet and Goodings Laboratory Limited remedies contain homeopathic and/or herbal ingredients designed to support the immune system’s natural response to named health complaints. Our products and consulting advice are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with your, or your animals’ health care professional, nor are we claiming to treat serious health conditions. Always read the label and take as directed, if you are unsure please contact us. If symptoms persist, contact your healthcare professional. Click here  for full Terms and Conditions.

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