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I'm interested in the SOL Plus I saw advertised in one of your does this work?

It certainly seems like an unusual concept until you think about how swallowing antibiotics like tetracycline cause people to be more susceptible to sunburn, this formulation has the reverse effect. 

Have you ever seen a sunburnt hippo? Hippos are amazing creatures, releasing Hippo nor-sudoric acid from a gland behind their ears to act as a very effective sunscreen. The substance contains a lubricant to make it rapidly transfer across the hippo’s skin, it also contains a unique chemical formulation that acts a sub-molecular level to create dark bands of proteins in each cell that mimic in arrangement almost exactly the same pattern as with UV rays, causing the UV rays to hit these bands and refract away from the skin. 

At this point I would like to assure readers that Hippo Health’s Sol Plus does not contain hippo sweat, rather it is a 100% homeopathic formulation that has been refined by Hippo’s research team over many years, but which we only marketed to the equine community recently. Exactly how the ingredients in Sol Plus achieve the results seen in our customer’s before and after pictures, is yet to be fully explained but current hypothesis focus on the mechanism somehow causing the UV rays to convert into infra-red rays but research is still ongoing.

On a daily basis our team at Hippo is asked whether it works for people too. Logically we would like to say ‘of course’ but because we don’t have clinical trials for people using Sol Plus, our official stance is that we don’t sell or market it as a people sunscreen. We suspect there are a lot of people helping themselves to their horse’s bottles of Sol Plus, including some who are associated with Team Hippo!

The Sol Plus product is used successfully by farmers for their white faced cattle, equestrians and dog owners but we do offer a full refund if you are not happy with the results.

To buy Sol Plus go here: Sol Plus product page

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